8Sinn Cage for Red Komodo + Top Plate + Black Raven Top Handle

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Key features - cage:
- 6 points of cage-to-camera attachment
- 6 x Arri locating points (+ 3/8" mounting point)
- 1/4" mounting points
- 3-piece cage
Key features - top plate:
- Arri locating points (+ 3/8" mounting point)
- 8 x 1/4" mounting threads
- 4 x M4 mounting threads
- 2 points of plate-to-camera attachment
Key features - handle:
- 2 x Arri locating points
- 1 x cold shoe mount
- 1/4" mounting points
- Attachment: 3/8" thread + Arri locating pins
- No-tools adjustment

8Sinn Cage for Red Komodo + Top Plate + Black Raven Top Handle

3-piece cage equipped with 3 kinds of mounting points. The top plate and handle provide another batch of threaded mounting points. Every side of the camera body is secure and well-equipped. The Top Handle can be adjusted on a circle. This kind of classic setup can become an excellent base for the users who plan to build complex rigs, with peripheral accessories all around.

8Sinn Cage for the RED® KOMODO™ is an open cage, with no top and rear edges. The Top Plate can be added separately when needed. 8Sinn cage is a combination of functionalities and modern design embedded into a solid but lightweight aluminum base. Both sides are equipped with Arri Locating points which guarantee solid accessories attachment. Besides that, there are 1/4" mounting points on both sides. The bottom of the cage has 1/4" threads and relief holes to lessen the weight. The cage is attached to the Komodo camera at 6 points - bottom 1/4" and 3/8" plus 2x M4 threads on each side.

8Sinn Top Plate for the RED® KOMODO™ is an autonomic part. It can be used together with the 8Sinn cage or it can be used alone. It's equipped with three different kinds of threads - all standard for camera accessories. It has been designed to perfectly fit the camera body and not disturb any part of it. 8Sinn Top Plate is not compatible with the RF-PL Mount- KipperTie Revolva, as the plate`s front extends beyond the top edge of the camera. 8Sinn 95mm Safety NATO Rail can take over the role of the top plate. (95mm rail is to be found in the "related products" section below)

The Black Raven Top Handle offers a fresh design with proven solutions all over it. Arri standard locating pins with the 3/8" mounting screw in the middle guarantee safe and steady handle-to-cage attachment plus adjustment. Besides that, the users can find the usual 1/4" threads on top and the cold shoe mount at the front top. Simple, but still functional top handle for handheld shots and lightweight setups.

Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Cage for Red Komodo, 1pc 8Sinn Top Plate for Red Komodo, 1pc 8Sinn Black Raven Top Handle
Dimensions (Cage): Height: 106mm, Width: 111mm, Length: 99mm, Weight: 277g
Dimensions (Handle + Top Plate): Height: 88mm, Width: 82mm, Length: 134mm, Weight: 235g