8Sinn VCT Universal Shoulder Rig Full Kit

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Set includes:
1 x 8Sinn VCT Universal Shoulder Base Plate
2 x 8Sinn Side Arm for Shoulder Rigs
2 x 8Sinn Dual Side Grip

+ free set of 15MM Carbon Fiber Rods (choose the length in the drop-down menu)
8sinn 15mm Baseplate + Riser Plate I + 8sinn 10" Arri Dovetail Plate Previous 8Sinn 15mm Baseplate + Riser Plate I + 8Sinn 10" Arri Dovetail Plate


This 8Sinn kit provides you with all the accessories needed in a shoulder rig - solid base with lots of features listed below and a pair of complete side arms with three joints. Sidearms are easily detachable and the Base Plate can be used separately.

8Sinn VCT Universal Shoulder Base Plate: Manfrotto 501PLONG quick release plate; Rubber pads; 1/4" and 3/8" camera mounting screws; frontal and rear rod sections;
VCT-U14 MOUNT compatibility; 1/4" threaded mounting points; ARRI Standard 32mm Rosettes; magnetic, adjustable shoulder pad
8Sinn Side Arm for Shoulder Rigs: reversible extension arm; Arri Rosette attachments; 2 x 1/4" mounting points; no tools; sluminum made; lightweight
8Sinn Dual Side Grip: double-sided; switchable Arri Rosette attachment; pivot adjustment; lightweight, composite material; ergonomic design

Weight: 1,310 kg