8Sinn Mini V-Mount Battery Plate

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Key features:
- V-Mount system
- Quick release system
- 1/4” slots
- Aluminum made
8Sinn Mini V-Mount Battery Plate

Introducing the latest innovation from 8Sinn, the Mini V-Mount Battery Plate. Designed to change the way you power your devices, this compact and versatile accessory opens up a world of possibilities for filmmakers, photographers, and content creators. 8Sinn Mini V-Mount Battery Plate is lightweight, yet incredibly durable and robust. Crafted with precision engineering, it ensures a secure and stable connection, giving you peace of mind during even the most demanding shoots. One of the standout features of this product is its quick-release mechanism, which allows for swift and effortless attachment and removal of V-mount batteries. This not only streamlines your workflow but also maximizes efficiency, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot without any unnecessary delays. Wide slots and compatibility with ¼” mounting points allow to effortlessly attach it to chosen surface. The Mini V-Mount Battery Plate adapts seamlessly, ensuring a snug fit every time. This compact accessory adds features without adding bulk to your setup. Its sleek and minimalist design complements any rig, while its solid construction guarantees long-lasting performance in even the most demanding environments. Included in the set is one 8Sinn Mini V-Mount Battery Plate, providing everything you need to conveniently add power to your filmmaking rig.

Dimensions: Height: 12mm, Length: 73mm, Width: 79mm; Weight: 87g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Mini V-Mount Battery Plate