8Sinn Monitor Holder on NATO Rail

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Key features:
- 1/4" mounting screw
- 180-degree regulation
- NATO standard
- Rubber pads
- Aluminum made
8Sinn Monitor Holder on NATO Rail - mounting solution for external camera monitor.

Most cameras these days, even the smallest, are equipped with a screen. So some may ask, why do I even need an external monitor? It may seem unnecessary and even creates more issues, for example how to mount such a monitor? Having an external monitor can definitely improve the shooting experience and it's recommended particularly for such situations as studio work or filming with the gimbal. External monitors are usually bigger, thus better screen resolution and visualization of the current scene. Another asset can be added by choosing a mounting solution with an adjustable angle and easy installation.

How do you mount a monitor to a camera?
The mounting solution for the presented holder is a safety NATO rail (built into the cage or separate). Safety NATO Rail provides the cameraman with a quick-release system and left/right adjustment. The angle of the main arm can be adjusted by 180 degrees. Thumbscrew fixes the holder in place on the safety NATO rail and locks the chosen angle, at the same time. Rubber pads located on the mounting surface, prevent any unwanted friction. 8Sinn Monitor Holder is a universal accessory, created to work with all monitors equipped with a 1/4" threaded mounting opening.

As far as Atomos Shotgun Inferno mounting point depth has a nonstandard size the 8Sinn Monitor Holder might not be able to work properly.

Dimensions: Length: 75mm, Height: 49mm, Width: 32mm, Weight: 61g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Monitor Holder on NATO Rail