8Sinn Cage for SONY A7SIII

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8-a7SIII C
Key features:
- 1/4" mounting points
- Arri locating point (3/8" mounting point on top)
- Anti-twist M2.5 screw fixed to the Eyelet attachment
- Cold shoe
- Strap holder
- Ergonomic form
- Organic shape
- Easy access
- Ultra Lightweight build

*Optional: (drop down menu)
- HDMI clamp
8Sinn Cage for Sony a7SIII

Exceptional cage designed to benefit those who need to supplement their camera body in further accessories. It has many 8Sinn characteristic values, such as HDMI protective cable clamp, cold shoe, strap holder as well as a huge amount of mounting points. Our camera cage for Sony A7SIII is a versatile and multi-functional device that opens up new possibilities for you. With the proper protective cage, you can move forward and freely arrange your gear - 8Sinn cage for Sony a7S III is the one for you.

Dimensions: Height: 104mm, Length: 148mm, Width: 68mm; Weight: 165g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Cage for Sony a7SIII