8Sinn Universal Shoulder Pad with Rod Mount Bridge

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8-USPAD+8-SP-Connector+ 8-15RMB
Universal Shoulder Pad key features:
- 1/4" mounting points
- 3/8" mounting points with Arri locating points
- Aluminum made
- Lightweight structure
- Exceptional design

Rod Mount Bridge key features:
- 15mm rod compatible
- 6 x 1/4" threaded mounting points
- Aluminum made
- 60mm center-to-center distance
- Thumb screw on each side

Connector Key features:
- 1/4" mounting points
- Aluminum made
8Sinn Universal Shoulder Pad with Rod Mount Bridge

The 8Sinn Universal Shoulder Pad is an essential product for a shoulder rig. It is a base to mount the rig on. It is made of two parts connected together by a magnet. The aluminum part that goes on top offers various mounting options - several 1/4” mounting points and 3/8” mounting points with Arri locating points, so anything with the mentioned threaded openings can be mounted onto it. The bottom soft part is placed on a shoulder to provide a comfortable hold of the rig. The Universal Shoulder Pad is symmetrically designed, so the front and the back look the same - both are covered with two 1/4" mounting points and two 3/8" mounting points with Arri locating points. This is to ensure that the Shoulder Pad can be connected with other items, such as a baseplate or rod mount bridge. The exceptional visual features of the Universal Shoulder Pad please the eye and its lightweight structure makes it even more convenient to use.

8Sinn Shoulder Pad Connector is a product designed specifically for the 8Sinn Universal Shoulder Pad in order to connect it with other items. It will be compatible with accessories such as the 8Sinn 15mm Baseplate or 8Sinn 15mm Rod Mount Bridge that have 1/4" mounting points which align with the mounting points on the Connector.

Aluminum bridge mounted on 15mm rods serves as a mounting adapter for 8Sinn Shoulder Support. Standard spacing of rod openings allows the user to apply the presented adapter on any baseplate.

Dimensions: Height: 27mm, Length: 179mm, Width: 80mm
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Universal Shoulder Pad; 1pc 8Sinn shoulder Pad Connector; 1pc 8Sinn Rod Mount Bridge