8Sinn Cage for RED Komodo / Komodo-X

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8-RK-X C
Key features:
- solid cage-to-camera attachment
- Arri locating points (+ 3/8" mounting point)
- 1/4" mounting points
- 3-piece cage
- compatible with: RED® Komodo™ and Komodo-X™
8Sinn Cage for RED Komodo / Komodo-X

The RED® Komodo X™ is a next-generation camera in many aspects and despite being the same size as its predecessor, the X version is packed to the fullest! The new RED camera is a cluster of advanced and professional solutions for cabling, monitoring, I/O, and remote options along with improved 4K and 6K frame rates, which is probably one of the most important features for filmmakers.

Does the RED® Komodo-X™ need a cage?

Even the most expanded camera can't fit every single possible feature needed while filmmaking and therefore it will still benefit from a cage and other peripheral aluminum camera accessories. 8Sinn cage for RED® Komodo-X™ has been adapted from our previous model for RED® Komodo™. Over the years the cage proved to be a reliable solution for filmmakers all over the world.

Main features of the 8Sinn cage for RED® Komodo-X

The 8Sinn cage for Red® Komodo™ and now, Komodo-X™ is an aluminum three-piece cage, which has to be assembled on the camera body just before use. The modular structure facilitates mounting the cage. Lightweight construction with loads of mounting points does not add up too much weight to the whole setup, as the weight of the parts is only 257g. The 8Sinn cage forms a protective frame for your camera and it is tightly attached to the body by six screws. The sides are equipped with Arri locating points with a 3/8" opening in the middle, what's more, the bottom plate is covered with 1/4" mounting points. The bottom also includes two of six main mounting points. The cages come with two mounting screws and the assembly instruction.

Dimensions: Width: 111mm, Height: 106mm, Depth: 99mm; Weight: 257g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Cage for RED Komodo / Komodo-X