8Sinn Riser Plate II

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Key features:
- Safety locks on both sides
- Quick release system
- Compatible with 8Sinn Arca Swiss Plate for Riser Plate II
- Compatible with DJI R Quick-Release Plate (Upper)
- Aluminum made

Important note: Not compatible with 8Sinn Universal Arca Swiss Plate
8Sinn Riser Plate II

The 8Sinn Riser Plate II is designed to be combined with the 8Sinn 15mm Baseplate. It differs from the classic 8Sinn Riser Plate, because it is compatible with the Arca Swiss Plate created specifically for it. When paired with the Arca Swiss Plate for Riser Plate II it gives the ability to lock it from both sides. It has a release pin on one side and a lever on the other side, designed so carefully, so that their adjustment does not interfere with the use of the camera. Thanks to them, The Arca Swiss Plate is prevented from falling off.

Dimensions: Height: 23,2 mm; Length: 49 mm; Width: 78 mm; Weight: 63 g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Riser Plate II