8Sinn Shoulder Support

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Key features:
- Aluminum made
- Lightweight
- 3 x 3/8" Arri locating points
- Knurled rear surface
- Slender profile
- 1/4"-20 x1/2"(12mm) mounting screws

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8Sinn Shoulder Support

8Sinn Shoulder Support has been designed to make your shoulder rig complete. It is adapted to have two types of mounting solutions. The first type attaches the Shoulder Support directly to the 8Sinn Base Plate by three screws. The second type requires the mounting adapter which in this case is the 8Sinn 15mm Rod Mount Bridge. The bridge allows using the 8Sinn Shoulder Support in any rig with 15mm rods. Additionally, the support can be reversed in the vertical plane, so the user can adjust it to his needs.

Dimensions: Length: 190mm, Height: 91mm, Width: 30mm, Weight: 231g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Shoulder Support, 3 pcs mounting screws