8Sinn Cage for Sony FX3 / FX30 + 8Sinn Top Handle Pro

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8-FX3 C+8-THP
Cage key features:
- Compatibility with Sony FX3 and FX30
- Solid cage-to-camera attachment
(side&bottom 1/4 “ mounting screws)
- Arri locating points
- M4 threads (top front)
- Full access to camera features
- 1/4" threaded openings
- Strap holder
- One piece of aluminum
- Lightweight

Handle key features:
- Quick-release system
- Front/back, left/right adjustment
- 1/4" & 3/8" mounting points
- 1x 3/8" mounting point with Arri locating points
- 2x cold shoe mounts
- NATO standard mounting
- Aluminum made
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8Sinn Cage for Sony FX3 / FX30 + 8Sinn Top Handle Pro

Every detail of 8Sinn products is created with passion and with our Customers in mind - these two factors make our cages unique. Our main goals while designing are to free your creativity and provide the highest possible quality. 8Sinn Cage for SONY FX3 / FX30 is designed to support and simplify the manipulation of your camera. Unique and functional design fits with your gear perfectly and gives you a solid base for camera accessories attachment. A comfortably located strap holder allows you to use a hand strap of your choice and ensures steady holding of the camera. Every button and slot is available at any time. Build your set-up with endless possibilities and take your skills to the next level with 8Sinn.


8Sinn cage gives you a lot of functionality by having several types of threaded mounting points located on every side.
1/4 “ threads
The arri-style mounting point with the 3/8” opening in the middle.


Our cage fits the camera perfectly and keeps it steadily in place with side and bottom mounting points. Guaranteed easy access to all control buttons of the camera.

The cage is compatible with the FX3 original XLR handle.

Dimensions: Height: 173mm, Length: 147mm, Width: 62mm; Weight: 394g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Cage for Sony FX3 / FX30, 1pc 8Sinn Top Handle Pro, 1pc 8Sinn Safety NATO Rail 60mm
Notice: The cage is incompatible with the following Metabones adapter: Metabones Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E Mount T CINE Smart Adapter (Fifth Generation)