8Sinn Cage for Canon EOS R/R5/R6/R6M II + 8Sinn Black Crow Top Handle

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8-CR-5-6 C+8-THBCROW
Key features - cage:
- Two points of cage-to-camera attachment (side&bottom)
- 1/4" mounting points
- 3/8" threaded openings with Arri locating points
- M4 mounting points
- Full access to camera features
- Strap holder
- Aluminum made

Key features - handle:
- Mounting on Safety NATO Rail
- 1/4" mounting points
- 3/8” mounting points + Arri locating points
- Cold shoe mount
- Aluminum made
- Modern design
8Sinn Cage for Canon EOS R/R5/R6/R6M II + 8Sinn Black Crow Top Handle

A filmmaking rig is a set of equipment and accessories that are used to support a camera and its peripherals in order to capture high-quality video footage. A well-composed rig can help a filmmaker achieve smoother camera movements, better audio quality, and improved lighting conditions, among other benefits. Try 8Sinn accessories in your line of work. A sturdy cage packed with mounting points and a top handle can establish a base for your future rig.

The cage provides unbeatable protection for your camera, it enhances your video production by providing stability and a tripod mount, making it easier to capture steady and professional-looking footage. The cage also features a comfortable grip and versatile mounting options.

8Sinn Black Crow Top Handle is a new camera handle solution from 8Sinn. It is inspired by the 8Sinn Black Raven Top Handle, yet with a slightly modified design. The mounting system here is Safety NATO Rail. Thanks to this, it gives the ability of left-right adjustments. The handle is mounted on the NATO Rail and tightened with a thumbscrew. It offers 1/4” mounting points on the top and the bottom, two 3/8” mounting points with Arri locating points, and a cold shoe mount.

Dimensions: Height: 189mm, Length: 155mm, Width: 67mm; Weight: 189g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Cage for Canon EOS R/R5/R6/R6M II, 1pc 8Sinn Black Crow Top Handle

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