8Sinn Cage for Sony FX3 / FX30

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8-FX3 C
Key features:
- Two points of cage-to-camera attachment (side&bottom)
- 1/4" mounting points
- 3/8" threaded openings with Arri locating points
- M4 mounting points
- Full access to camera features
- Strap holder
- Aluminum made

8Sinn SONY FX3 / FX30 CAGE

The presented 8Sinn cage is compatible with two camera models - Sony FX3 and Sony FX30. It was designed to provide additional safety and functionality to these compact yet versatile cameras. The design and threaded openings, covering the cage, make it a solid base for additional attachments. It’s covered with multiple types of mounting options: 1/4” threaded openings, 3/8” threaded openings with Arri locating points, and M4 mounting points (at the front top and front bottom). The camera is held steadily in the cage with the help of two 1/4" screws: one on the side and one at the bottom. The strap holders located on both sides of the cage allow holding it according to the individual's comfort. The FX3 / FX30 cage guarantees easy access to all camera controls/buttons. Its shape doesn’t interfere with any of the camera’s functions.

Sony FX3 camera
Sony FX30 camera
FX3 original XLR handle.
the cage is compatible only with E-Mount Lenses.

The cage is incompatible with the Metabones T CINE adapters.
The cage is incompatible with the 8Sinn Top Handles Extension Adapter V2.

Dimensions: Height: 94mm, Length: 147mm, Width: 62mm; Weight: 220g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Cage for Sony FX3 / FX30

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GTIN 5903089532514
Brand 8Sinn