8Sinn Cage for Canon EOS R5C

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8-CR5C C
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Key features:
- 1/4” mounting points
- M4 mounting points
- strap holders
- cold shoe mount
- lightweight build
- aluminum made
8Sinn Cage for Canon EOS R5C

Striving to meet the expectations of Canon EOS R5C users, 8Sinn designed a cage that is filled with functionality and is also visually pleasurable. Its body is covered with 1/4” mounting points. There is a cold shoe mount and strap holders on both sides of the cage. On the front top and front bottom there are M4 mounting points for attaching additional accessories. Two specific 1/4" threaded openings on the bottom left side of the cage are located there to allow attaching the 8Sinn HDMI & USB C Cable Clamp dedicated for Canon EOS R5C Cage. The Clamp is available separately or along with the cage.

Dimensions: Height: 107,3mm, Length: 77,5mm, Width: 155,4mm; Weight: 224,5g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Cage for Canon EOS R5C