8Sinn 15mm Baseplate + Riser Plate I

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Key features - baseplate:
- 2 x 32mm Arri Rosettes
- 15mm rod compatible
- 3 x thumbscrews
- 6 x 1/4" threaded openings
- Dovetail guide rails (bottom)

Key features - riser plate:
- 1/4" mounting screw
- 3/8" mounting screw
- Rubber pads
- Aluminum made

8Sinn 15mm Baseplate + Riser Plate I

The following page presents you with the set of two 8Sinn accessories - Base Plate and Riser Plate I. Those two items used together with one of the cages listed below will help you obtain the standard, 85mm optical center. The whole configuration provides you with many features and the opportunity for further development.



Riser Plate I allows to obtain the optical center when used with the following cages:

  • 8Sinn Z CAM E2-S6/F6/F8 Cage
  • 8Sinn Z CAM E2 Cage
  • 8Sinn Sony a7III / a7RIII Cage
  • 8Sinn Sony A7RIV Cage 8Sinn Cage for Sony a7SIII
  • 8Sinn BM Pocket Cinema Camera 4K / 6K Cage
  • 8Sinn BM Pocket Cinema Camera 4K / 6K Half Cage
  • 8Sinn Cage for Red® Komodo RED® Raptor (83.4mm)
  • 8Sinn Cage for RED Komodo / Komodo-X
  • 8Sinn Cage for Panasonic GH6
  • 8Sinn Panasonic S1H Cage
  • 8Sinn Cage for Panasonic BS1H / BGH1
  • 8Sinn Cage for Canon EOS R5C
  • 8Sinn Cage for Leica SL2 / SL2-S

List of cameras compatible for optical center with the Riser Plate I without the cage:

  • Sony FX6

Dimensions: Length: 120mm, Width: 81mm (108mm with the thumbscrews), Height: 49mm, Weight: 319g
Set includes: 1pcs 8Sinn 15mm Baseplate, 1pcs 8Sinn Riser Plate I

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Brand 8Sinn