8Sinn Half Cage for BMPCC 6K Pro / 6K G2 + 8Sinn Black Raven Top Handle

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Key features - cage:
- Pre-assembled three-piece half cage
- Solid cage-to-camera attachment
(1x top & 2 x bottom 1/4 “ mounting screws)
- 3/8” Arri locating points
- 1/4" threaded openings
- Strap holder
- Cold shoe
- Optional HDMI clamp

Key features - handle:
- 2 x Arri locating points
- 1 x cold shoe mount
- 1/4" mounting points
- Attachment: 3/8" thread + Arri locating pins
- No-tools adjustment

8Sinn Half Cage for BMPCC 6K Pro / 6K G2 + 8Sinn Black Raven Top Handle

This half cage will become a tool that you and your Blackmagic camera will not imagine living without. If you appreciate working with your camera, our cage is here to turn into an integral part of your camera, your rig, and your everyday work. The considerable size and weight of the Blackmagic 6K PRO camera determined the half-cage type. The left side of the camera benefits from added mounting points and the point of attachment for the HDMI protective clamp, while the right side stays free, so the user can hold the camera by its grip and reach any button with no trouble. Every inch, every curve, and every point of the 8Sinn half cage has been carefully thought out so the cage`s only impact on your work is your comfort and functionality.

The cage has been equipped with the usual standards like 1/4” mounting points, cold shoe mount, strap holder, and Arri locating points with a 3/8” opening in the middle. 8Sinn Half cage is able to be adapted to many different scenarios. A variety of mounting points and their location help you to add the external accessories you need and transform your Blackmagic 6K PRO into a filmmaking rig. Cage's form-fitting structure blends in with the camera body which is perfect for solo use as well.

8Sinn Black RAVEN Top Handle has built-in Arri standard locating pins with the 3/8" mounting screw in the middle. It guarantees safe and steady handle-to-cage attachment plus adjustment. Besides that, the users can find the usual 1/4" threads on top and the cold shoe mount at the front-top. Simple, but still functional top handle for handheld shots and lightweight setups.

Build your set-up with endless possibilities and take your skills to the next level with 8Sinn.

The cage consists of 3 pieces and it comes pre-assembled.

Dimensions: Height: 216mm, Length: 136mm, Width: 105mm; Weight: 425g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Half Cage for BMPCC 6K Pro / 6K G2, 1pc 8Sinn Black Raven Top Handle