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8Sinn Top Handle Pro + 8Sinn Safety NATO Rail with 32mm Arri Rosette

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Key features:
- NATO standard QR system
- Front/back left/right handle adjustment
- 2 x cold shoe mount
- 15mm rod opening
- 1/4" and 3/8” mounting points
- Mounting solution for ARRI NATO accessories
- M6 center opening
- Safety pin
- Aluminum + stainless steel rosette
8Sinn Top Handle Pro + Safety NATO Rail with 32mm Arri Rosette

8Sinn products are created with passion and care for every detail. A unique and functional design fits your setup perfectly. Perceive more and look over the horizon to make your shots look more sophisticated and professional. Build your set-up with endless possibilities and take your skills to the next level with 8Sinn. 8Sinn NATO Rail with the Arri Rosette is a two-in-one mounting solution, as it can hold NATO standard accessories on top and Arri style attachments on the side. The presented setup provides you with a ready-made solution for a top handle, and a free slot on the side for a side handle, or any other Arri style attachment you might want to have at your side. The rail can be mounted at the top of your cage or camera, or on any surface with the 2x1/4” mounting points. 8Sinn Safety NATO Rail, as well as the Arri Rosette, work with third-party accessories made in the same standard. Aside from the fact of having a sturdy and adjustable grip, the Pro handle comes with multiple 1/4” and 3/8” threaded openings and an extra 15mm rod slot inside (rod can be inserted and secured by screwing in any 3/8” or 1/4” screw into opening available on the handles` surface). Presented products can be purchased as a set, or you can buy them separately.

Dimensions: Length:149 mm, Height: 68mm, Width: 21-120mm, Weight: 192g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Top Handle Pro, 1pc 8Sinn Safety NATO Rail with 32mm Arri Rosette