8Sinn Cage for Sigma FP/FP L + 8Sinn Black Raven Top Handle

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Cage key features:
- 1/4" mounting points (on top & both sides)
- Arri locating point (3/8" mounting point on top)
- Anti-twist M2.5 screw fixed to the Eyelet attachment
- Strap holder
- M4 threads (top front, bottom front)
- Easy access
- Lightweight build

Handle key features:
- 2 x Arri locating points
- 1 x cold shoe mount
- 1/4" mounting points
- Attachment: 3/8" thread + Arri locating pins
- No-tools adjustment

*Optional: (drop-down menu)
- HDMI clamp

8Sinn Cage for Sigma FP/FP L + 8Sinn Black Raven Top Handle

The new L version of the Sigma FP means another 8Sinn cage. A refreshed version of our previous edition cage keeps the same standards and works with the new Sigma accessory - the EVF-11 with EC-31. We`ve made the necessary adjustments to enable our users to take full advantage of this pocket-size full-frame camera. Sigma FP L still is a small-sized camera and it will benefit from added handgrip, especially the one so ergonomically formed. This filmmaking accessory gives you a comfortable grip for handheld shooting plus various mounting points for expanding your rig, not to mention satisfaction from having this amazing tool. 8Sinn accessories join together the two opposites - technical versatility and refined aesthetics.

Compatible with:
- Sigma LVF-11 LCD Viewfinder
- EVF-11 with EC-31
- HU-11 Hot Shoe Unit

Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Cage for Sigma FP/FP L, 1pc 8Sinn Black Raven Top Handle
Dimensions (cage): Length: 140mm, Height: 91mm, Width: 54mm
Dimensions (handle): Length: 134mm, Height: 78mm, Width: 25mm
Set weight: 469g