8Sinn Side Arm for Shoulder Rigs

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Key features:
- Reversible extension arm
- Arri Rosette attachments
- 2 x 1/4" mounting points
- No tools
- Aluminum made
- Lightweight
8Sinn Side Arm for Shoulder Rigs

The arm includes two brackets joined together by Arri Rosettes and thumbscrews. 8Sinn Side Arm paired up with the 8Sinn Dual Side Grip gives you three rosette-based joints for adjustments. The angles setting does not require tools. Additionally, the arm is equipped with two 1/4" mounting points. The Side Arm has to be attached to the Arri Rosette on your Base Plate and it needs the Arri-Rosette-based handle (see related product).

Dimensions: Length: 222mm, Height: 25mm, Width: 7mm (Joint width: 32mm), Weight: 114g

Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Side Arm for Shoulder Rigs