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8Sinn Top Plate for Panasonic EVA1 + Top Handle Scorpio

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Key features:
- Compatible with original EVA-1 accessories
- 2 x built-in NATO rail
- 1/4" threaded mounting points
- 3/8" threaded mounting points
- Mounting point for EVA1 monitor bracket
- Mounting point for EVA1 camera cable holder
- Arri locating points
- Aluminum made

- 4 x cold shoe mounts
- 360° rotation
- 15mm rod attachment
- Quick-release system
8Sinn Cage for Panasonic S1H

8Sinn recommends the Top Handle Scorpio as a comfortable grip compatible with 8Sinn Top Plate for EVA1. This handle along with the Top Plate creates a perfect and useful addition to your rig. 8Sinn Top Handle Scorpio can be easily used as the main handle in Panasonic EVA1 kits. The solid and resistant structure of the handle manages to carry even the heaviest and most complex sets. The handle is mounted on the built-in Safety NATO Rail of EVA1 Top Plate with the use of Arri NATO Rosette. The rosette allows 360-degree to handle motion and serves as a quick-release system. By using 8Sinn`s Top Handle and Top Plate altogether, you gain additional mounting points. Top Handle Scorpio grip area is covered with 1/4" and 3/8" threaded openings. Additionally, it has two cold shoes up front and two at the back. The side rod can be used as a specific mounting point. The combination of these two on Panasonic EVA-1 broadens its capabilities. 8Sinn`s EVA1 Top Plate has two Safety NATO Rails - first one at the front and second one in the plate`s central area. The two rails work well for all kinds of standard camera accessories. Top Handle Scorpio together with Arri NATO Rosette 28mm Mount allows to attach it on each of the two rails, giving at the same time a possibility of additional forwards and backward adjustment.

Set includes:
1pc 8Sinn Top Plate for Panasonic EVA1
1pc 8Sinn Top Handle Scorpio
1pc 8Sinn Arri NATO Rosette 28mm Mount