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8Sinn Cage for Panasonic S5 - BSTOCK

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Key features:
- 1/4" mounting points (on top & both sides)
- Arri locating point (3/8" mounting point on top)
- Anti-twist M2.5 screw fixed to the Eyelet attachment
- Strap holder
- M4 threads (top front, bottom front)
- Easy access
- Lightweight build

*Optional: (drop down menu)
- HDMI clamp

B-Stock includes functional products with small production flaws. Each item in the b-stock has a different flaw (scratch, dent etc.), therefore if you wish to know the flaw before ordering, contact us here: info@8sinn.com

Stock: 2pc
Dimensions: Height: 104.8mm, Length: 146.7mm, Width: 68.3mm; Weight: 175g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Cage for Panasonic S5