8Sinn Top Plate for Panasonic EVA1

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Key features:
- Compatible with original EVA-1 accessories
- 2 x built-in NATO rail
- 1/4" threaded mounting points
- 3/8" threaded mounting points
- Mounting point for EVA1 monitor bracket
- Mounting point for EVA1 camera cable holder
- Arri locating points
- Aluminum made
8Sinn Top Plate for Panasonic EVA1

8Sinn Top Plate for Panasonic EVA-1 was designed for users that value high quality and innovation. Top Plate has a variety of mountings located in such a way that standard accessories, as well as original EVA-1 additions, can be easily attached to it. The shape of the plate is perfectly adjusted to the top of the Panasonic camera. Two significant built-in Safety NATO Rails work well for all standard camera accessories. Location of the Safety NATO Rails provides the user with the possibility of attaching the additions in two axes - transversely and longitudinally in relation to the camera core. Specific mounting points located on the right front edge and the left-back edge of the plate are designed to attach EVA1 monitor bracket and camera cable holder. The top plate central section is adapted for the Original Panasonic EVA-1 Handle mounting - forward / backward movability is guaranteed by eight mounting points. 8Sinn Top Plate for Panasonic EVA1 is attached safely to the camera by four 1/4" screws. The top plate surface is covered with threaded mounting holes: 1/4" and 3/8" - which is a standard set of mounting points applied on most camera accessories.

Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Top Plate for Panasonic EVA1