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8Sinn Top Handle Pro fits into every cage equipped with "1/4" threaded mounting points.

Essential thing is possibility of quick handle shifting and detaching from the cage without tools.

This 8Sinn handle is unique in its structure as allows the cameraman handle position adjustment. 

Detaching is possible thanks to quick release system which is in NATO standard.

Finally, 8Sinn Top Handle Pro is provided with a cold shoe as well as 1/4"-25 and 3/8"-17
threaded holes which broaden the use of this handle.

Handle is characterized by ergonomic design and light weight construction.

Camera balance adjustment

There's a possibility of the camera balance adjustment, by moving the handle front and back.

8Sinn Top Handle Pro

8Sinn Top Handle Pro

Two Cold Shoes

Additionally, the handle is equipped with two cold shoes.

Quick release system

The Pro Handle is equipped with 8Sinn Safety NATO Rail 60mm which provide the user

with left and right adjustment.

Safety NATO Rail 60mm constitute a quick release system which allows to quick handle

removing - that system is in NATO standard.

 8Sinn Top Handle Pro

 8Sinn Top Handle Pro

Many mounting points

Handle is equipped with many mounting points.

Inside the handle is a 15mm hole. There is possibility to put 15mm rod. 


Set includes:

  • Top Handle Pro
  • NATO Rail 60mm
  • Hexa key 4mm DIN-912
  • 2pcs 1/4" screws




  • Length: 149 mm
  • Height: 69mm
  • Width: 68mm


Weight: 120 g