8Sinn Sony RX0 II Cage

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Key features:
- 1/4" mounting holes
- cold shoe
- Arri locating pins
- 37 mm threaded opening upfront for
filters and wide-angle lenses mounting
- free access to essential camera functions
- rubber pads on the inside bottom

8Sinn Sony RX0 Cage

8Sinn presents you with the new 8Sinn SONY RX0 II Cage. Unique organic shape and extrordinary stucture allows its user to fit SONY camera perfectly into the cage. Our product is made from one piece of high quality air-aluminium that minimize mechanical and other types of damage to minimum. Therefore, 8Sinn SONY RX0 II Cage is lightweight and damage resistant. The cage is equipped with many mounting points that broaden its use and provide the cameraman with more filmmaking possiblities.

If you look for high quality and reliability then choose 8Sinn.


Set includes:

  • 1pcs 8Sinn Cage for Sony RX0 II
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