8Sinn Paracord Camera Strap + Peak Design Anchor V4

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Key features:
- Material: paracord
- Adjustable
- Detachable

- Holds 200lbs (90kg)
- Abrasion-resistance
- Quick connection
8Sinn Paracord Camera Strap + Peak Design Anchor V4

8Sinn strap has been hand-made with the use of the paracord - an extra-strong general-purpose utility cord. Tight weave combined with the strong material guarantees safe usage. The Peak Design anchor connects the 8Sinn strap with the camera. The anchors are a proven solution commonly used by many photographers, filmmakers, and camera users. Our strap has been solidly made and joined with the equally solid Peak Design anchor to ensure a safe grip. The strap can be attached directly do the camera body or to strap holders built-in in the cages or L-brackets.

Dimensions: Weave length: 210mm; Length of the adjustment cord: 220mm; Strap width: 19mm
Set includes: 1 pc 8Sinn Paracord Camera Strap; 1 set Peak Design Anchor V4 (2x anchors, 1x anchor housing)