8Sinn Panasonic S1H Cage

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8-PS1H C
Key features:
- 1/4" mounting points
- 3/8" top&bottom thread
- Cold shoe
- Strap holder
- Ergonomic design
- 3 points of cage-to-camera attachment
(bottom screw & pin, eyelet attachment)
- Easy access to plugs, slots, and buttons
- Lightweight
- Aluminum made

8Sinn Cage for Panasonic S1H

The cage for Panasonic Lumix S1H is equipped with all the characteristic features of 8Sinn products. Original modern design mixed with sturdiness and functionality makes a versatile and effective tool. The structure of this cage has been minimized, to make it as lightweight as it can be. Aside from everything else, this cage`s main role is to protect your camera and to be a base to attach essential accessories. The cage has all the features needed to create a complex filming rig. The perfect fitting allows you to easily take it off on again when most needed. Besides being a functional tool the cage has been designed to provide a well-finished accessory you can enjoy for a long time.

Dimensions: Length: 174mm, Height: 122mm, Width: 66mm, Weight: 230g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Panasonic S1H Cage