8Sinn a7RII / a7SII Cage

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8Sinn Sony a7RII / a7SII Cage




8Sinn Sony a7RII / a7SII Cage

8Sinn Sony A7RII / A7SII Cage

8sinn cages are created to make your shooting more enjoyable.

This particular cage has been manufactured to use with two camera models Sony A7RII and Sony A7SII.

What makes our cages unique is its modern design, lightweight, modular structure and ergonomic shape.

Easy access to each camera element, stability during using and possibility to attach different kinds of accessories to the cage.

All those featurs help the 8Sinn cage to adjust to your camera and to your needs.

Ergonomic Design and Organic Shape

8Sinn cages are comfortable in use because of their considered design.

Their ergonomic form and nicely looking organic shape result in an ideal

work tool.

8Sinn Sony a7RII / a7SII Cage

8Sinn Sony a7RII / a7SII Cage

One piece of aluminium

Solid cage shaped from one piece of air aluminium.

Durable frame with no weak points in the structure.

Strap Holder

Comfortably located strap holder is a novelty in 8Sinn cage`s construction.

It allows to use a hand strap of your choice and ensures steady holding of the camera.


8Sinn Sony a7RII / a7SII Cage

8Sinn Sony a7RII / a7SII Cage

Cable Clamp

This solution serves to keep the HDMI cable in place, as well as to protect the plug and port from being damaged.

Easy access to battery and card's opening

8Sinn cage is carefully encircling the camera body of the Sony a7RII / a7SII.

This cage will help you to use and protect your camera and it will not disturb any button.



8Sinn Sony a7RII / a7SII Cage

8Sinn Sony a7RII / a7SII Cage

Mounting Points & COLD SHOE

Cage is a necessary basis to build up your camera rig.

Conveniently located mounting points are one of the most important feature

of the good quality cage. Every 8Sinn cage is covered with 1/4" threaded mounting

points - this feature guarantees secure attachment and various settings of essential

accessories. Built in cold shoe is a additional specific mounting point.

Set includes:

  • 1pcs Cage for Sony A7SII / A7RII
  • 1pcs HDMI cable clamp


  • Length: 149 mm   
  • Height: 103 mm    
  • Width: 65 mm  
  •  Weight: 209 g