8Sinn Sony A7RIV Cage

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8Sinn Sony A7RIV Cage



8Sinn Sony A7RIV Cage

8Sinn Sony A7RIV Cage

8Sinn product for Sony A7RIV.

Designed to benefit your camera by providing mounting points for additional accessories.

Characteristic 8Sinn features that become handy in the filmmaking process such as the huge amount of mounting points, cold shoe or a strap holder.

Our camera cage for Sony A7R IV is versatile and multi-functional, so it can meet more of your needs.

With the proper protective cage, you can move forward and freely arrange your gear in your filmmaking rig.

Ergonomic Design and Organic Shape

Comfortable in use due to its considered design.
Ergonomic form and organic shape results in an ideal work tool.

8Sinn Sony A7RIV Cage

8Sinn Sony A7RIV Cage

One piece of aluminum

Solid cage shaped from one piece of air aluminum.
Durable camera frame with no weak points in its structure.

8Sinn Sony A7RIV Cage


Comfortably located strap holder - it allows to use a hand strap of your choice and ensures steady holding of the camera.

Easy access to battery and card's openings

Card slots, battery compartment, and all the buttons are easily accessible.

8Sinn Sony A7RIV Cage

8Sinn Sony A7RIV Cage

Mounting Points & COLD SHOE

Cage is a base to build up your camera rig.

Conveniently located mounting points are essential in a good quality cage.

Every 8Sinn cage is covered with 1/4" x 1/2" threads that guarantee various settings of essential accessories.

A built-in cold shoe is an additional specific mounting point.

Set includes:

  • 1pcs Cage for Sony A7RIV


  • Length: 150 mm   
  • Height: 104 mm    
  • Width: 67 mm  

Weight: 208 g