8Sinn Monitor Holder

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8Sinn Monitor Holder


8Sinn Monitor Holder

8Sinn Monitor Holder

Smart and simple product for monitor mounting.

Made from lightweight aluminium alloy.

If you need your monitor to be mounted safely and steadily, 8Sinn has answered your demand.


8Sinn Monitor Holder is consists of two arms, one regulating knob and one mounting thumb screw.

Rubber pads located on the holder mounting surface, prevent from any unwanted friction.

Monitor holder can be mounted on built-in or separate Safety NATO Rail.

Safety NATO Rail provides the cameraman with quick release system and left/right adjustment

8Sinn Monitor Holder

8Sinn Monitor Holder


The angle of the monitor support arm can be adjusted by freely accessible regulating knob.

It has over 180 degrees regulation range.


Holder is attached to the monitor by ¼” screw so that mounting can be done without any tools.

8Sinn Monitor Holder is an universal accessory, created to work with all monitors equipped with 1/4" threaded mounting opening.

8Sinn Monitor Holder

As far as Atomos Shotgun Inferno mounting point depth has non starnd size the 8Sinn Monitor Holder might not be able to work properly.

Set includes:

  • 1pcs 8Sinn Monitor Holder