8Sinn a7RII / a7SII Cage + Top Handle Scorpio

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8Sinn a7RII / a7SII Cage + Top Handle Scorpio

8Sinn Sony a7RII / a7SII Cage - discontinued



Set combined from our line of products have the guarantee of adjustment.

Coherence of the individual parts give you the comfort in using.

Materials that have been used, modern design, light weight, modular structure and ergonomic shape are the aspects that take part in every our product, as well as in every set.

8Sinn Cage for Sony a7SII/a7RII

Presented set includes following elements:




  • Length: 149 mm;
  • Height: 103 mm;
  • Width: 65mm;


Top Handle SCORPIO:

  • Length: 145 mm;
  • Height: 71mm;
  • Width: 25mm;



  • Cage: 209 g
  • Top Handle Scorpio: 218 g